Does love conquer all?




And does love conquer all?

It is one of many beautiful quotes – love conquers everything.  It is uplifting and inspiring. And indeed, in countless ways and instances, it has proven to be correct. So why are there so many divorces & failed relationships? Because despite what Beatles tell you, love is not all you need.

We call love this great “institution” that we rely on every time we have setbacks in life. We automatically think that love will save our derailed relationships, love will connect two perfect people, love will help us forgive & forget. I have a newsflash, love will NOT solve all these issues for us- we have to do it ourselves. But love is definitely the starting point. It can help us commit & help us become better people. It can help us understand that everyone makes mistakes & anyone can have a slip. Love can inspire us to work on ourselves & to overcome relationship problems. Rely on love as the glue that will bind all of it together. If you sit around and don’t do your part, love alone won’t save you. Love is like oxygen for relationship- it is necessary but not always sufficient for survival. There is a chance that you need to work pretty hard to get through some of life’s junk. The only person we have any true control in a relationship is ourselves. Some people resent love mainly due to life experiences. But are willing to contemplate being in love again if it’s lurking outside their window. So I guess love does conquer all.


“…And if it takes me a lifetime, I swear I’ll tear down every wall. Love conquers all…” – Love conquers all- Deep Purple