Does being a female automatically make you a feminist?

Well, majority of women would probably answer yes. But to what extend? “All the way” because females need to rule the world and we have to stand in solidarity just because we have ovaries? Or do we need to be unbiased? Or it depends on the circumstances? There is probably an audience for each of the questions.

The truth is, feminism, by definition, is gender equality. Media are giving this topic way too much attention & to me it completely lost its meaning. They are trying to corrupt & brainwash the society by their beliefs of poor heroic women & evil, destructive men. Feminism has turned into nothing more than a campaign for women supremacy. I think it’s the worst thing ever created. Now that we are trying to become equal to men, it has become a power grab for women.

I have been observing females in different habitats and I have to say that I’m confused. I found 2 examples which I actually witnessed. Men opened the door once for a lady & she got offended. She said that she can get her own door. If it was me, I would push her outside, close the door & make her open it herself. Another time, man allowed himself to go first & someone complained there are no gentlemen in this world. I know women who won’t do simple chores as to mow the lawn or wash their own cars because, apparently, it’s a men’s job. But if conversation takes a different turn, we say that we don’t need men and we can live without them.

Let’s look at the corporate environment. I have been part of this establishment for over 20 years. If you look at every organizational chart it is noticeable that majority of executives are males. No argument there. Diversity is big nowadays and promoting females JUST  because they’re females is practiced more & more. Regardless if candidates fit the job description or not. No one can say anything- God forbid men. What if this was the other way around? What if there was diversity towards men? Some say we already live in this culture & I say we need to give it a rest! Ladies, let’s not be fragile in our workplace, because at the end, we shoot ourselves in the foot. Women complained for decades about the glass ceiling but now that it’s broken most of us can’t handle tough situations or tough bosses. We are called paranoid, fragile & over reacting snowflakes. Another things that bugs me is, let’s not wait 20 years to bring discriminatory case to court. If you’re dealing with the bully, deal with him on the spot. React right there at the moment. Do not wait just in case he becomes famous or rich & then nail him. You make the rest of us look bad.

Most feminists out there are hypocritical & have no common sense to realize that we already have equal rights. If feminism wants to de-sexualize women, I suggest watching 2020 Super bowl Half Time Show. It was full of sexual innuendos & stripper pole was seriously used and abused.  (Not to mention that de-sexualization would stop the human evolution).

Women can be violent too. If a woman hit a man, no one would care & everyone would assume he deserved it. If it was the other way around, everyone would go insane!

I’m still trying to form an opinion about sexual assaults & rapes. Not saying that I don’t sympathize with the rape victims because I would personally castrate all the rapists. I’m saying that most of the sexual activities are consented so by definition not an assault.

To wrap up, let’s give feminism true meaning not just the convenient label for everything. The world needs more strong headed ladies.


“I felt like it was time to set up my future, so I set a goal. My goal was independence”- Beyonce  Knowles