The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin

If I have to rank & categorize this book, it would be in my top 5 books on how to achieve personal greatness & mastery. In my opinion everyone should read, especially college students. It will be a proper send off to the world.

Fantastic book but written in old English so not easy to read & it took me a while to finish it. I used my dictionary a lot. Among many, may lectures on how to improve your personal greatness, here are my favorites- directly from the Founding Father. 

  1. Teach yourself difficult skills
  2. How improving yourself personally will help you professionally
  3. Respect time & money
  4. How reading will help your career
  5. How innovation is born from necessity
  6. How to introduce tranquility to your life
  7. How everything in your life should have its place & meaning
  8. How to be industrious & always employed in useful careers
  9. How to be frugal
  10. How to be sincere