HEY! I’m Luiza & welcome to my blog.

I’m a self-motivated individual & a risk taker who will pretty much try anything once. Adventurist at heart but on paper- a multi-passionate Executive Assistant (20 years & counting!). Outside of the corporate world- a workaholic who needs to juggle few projects at once in order to function. I am someone who grew up in 2 worlds: world of books & music. I honestly cannot imagine my life without either one. Not sure which one is more superior but both equally eccentric. So I might throw a pop reference here & there.

As someone who went thru personal transformation, I continue to learn new things each day and expand my own ideas about how to live creative & meaningful life. I am a simple woman who asks simple questions & expects simple answers.

Most of the time you’ll hear from me once a week unless I have extra time on my hands.

Thanks for visiting my blog and until the next time (“and there will be a next time” as Def Leppard says).