Power of “Not Yet”

Yet… Powerful 3 letter word that to me means hope. It’s a phenomenon of some sort that changes your attitude, your approach to things & gives you hope for learning and potential success on the end. Attach it on the end of negative thoughts that would otherwise end without ambition. You will immediately see the difference.

Add the phrase “yet” or better “not yet” to your daily vocabulary. Fully embrace the meaning and instead of answering question as “No”, answer it as “Not yet”. It completely changes your mindset and approach to knowledge. The use of “yet” shows that there is a learning curve, and points to the process, not the outcome.

“Not yet” is a resistance repellant.  Once you hear yourself saying those words, you will automatically find an appetite for learning or mastering a particular skill. “Not yet” will be permanently chipped into your brain. Let this be your affirmation.  If you struggle with an issue, can’t figure out the outcome or don’t have an answer- don’t think of it as a failure. Don’t close the door to learning by saying No. Instead, believe that you are “not yet” there and that you are on its way. You are on the path of mastering that skill or to perform that task. Your brain will translate this as a potential to improve & to grow your abilities. You would have to step into areas that are unfamiliar. Take risks that are new. But if you keep repeating “Not yet” until the finish line, you will be amazed how much easier it will be to get there.  Take it as a faithful attempt in learning.


“You can’t knock on opportunity’s door and not be ready” – Bruno Mars

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