Can we have friends outside of social media?

Friendship is a sacred bond. Second only to romantic love. You might be stuck with your family & prioritize your spouse, but you enter friendships voluntarily. In today’s social media heavy society, people might get confused about the “friend” status. The virtual illusion makes us believe that every acquaintance or acquaintance of acquaintance who invites us to their circle is automatically our “friend”. Such process is destructive & younger generation struggle to make friends in reality. Truth is the process of finding friends hasn’t changed over the years. Just like trust, friendships develop over the years. And friends are not necessarily people you talk to every day. Weeks might go by without connecting, but when you finally do, feels as if no time has passed at all. It’s connections like this that can give you comfort even if you have been out of touch with people for a while.

Friends are usually the first people we run into when life takes an unexpected turn. It’s always good to have buddies & they are also very valuable. Buddy can make you laugh & it’s good to have someone to socialize with. I call it light & casual relationship. But when things get rough we generally reach out to our best friends. Best friends are the ones who we can trade secrets with. They give us hope & support in most difficult situations. Best friend is someone who will love you no matter what. Relationships like these will survive even if everyday life gets in the way.

We need to make effort in our busy lives to always connect face to face with friends. We need to replace screen time with face time. I encourage you to find a friend who will uplift your soul & is full of life. Someone who is excited along with you when new ideas are born & wants to see you through. So log out of social networks & surround yourself with real people. Real people who will encourage you to step away from social platforms & will join you in creating precious memories. Because the time you spend together is priceless. You might not see each other again. When you struggle with the many obstacles life will throw at you, know that you are not alone. Remember people in your life and actively reach out to them. They will always be in your corner. The investment you make with friends will pay dividends for years & years. It will enrich both of your lives. It’s a gift that keeps on giving.


“Because of you, I laugh a little harder, cry a little less, and smile a lot more.”

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